A firm footing for conveyor belts of any width

A firm footing for conveyor belts of any width

Thanks to a selection of ready-made stand designs, you can construct the ideal supports for single and double conveyor lines with ease. Since everything is based on the item building kit system principle, you can define heights and transitions to other systems with millimetre precision. This ensures that your item conveyor belt system will slot neatly into your working environment.

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stand F 8 /40-160 

stand F 8 /200-400

stand M 8 /40-160

stand M 8 /200-400

Belt Support Set – extra safety

When installed in long sections, conveyor belts can tend to sag a little under their own weight. To ensure maximum safety, the optional Belt Support Set can be installed to eliminate the drawing-in or entrapment points that could otherwise be created by this sagging.


Belt Support Set – extra safety


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Simply set out the specifications for your desired conveying technology – such as length, width and transport weight – and our experts will design the ideal conveyor line for your needs.

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