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The item Conveyor Belt System

The item Conveyor Belt System

The item Conveyor Belt System helps you reduce transport times and achieve reliable material flow between working processes. Its modular design makes it possible to create self-sufficient conveyor lines and integrate lines into machinery. Built to last, the system needs minimal maintenance and maximises the productivity of your conveying technology.


item product segments

  • Start-stop application to ensure products can be passed on to the next working process with absolute precision
  • A non-stop flow of goods for uninterrupted removal operations without accumulation
  • Uninterrupted flow of goods, allowing a queue to form for sorting
  • Two synchronised belts for transporting inherently stable goods measuring up to 2400 mm wide
  • Heavy objects are moved by timing belts that mechanically interlock with pulleys
  • Positioning mode Positioning mode
  • Continuous mode Continuous mode
  • Accumulation Accumulation
  • Double conveyor belt Double conveyor belt
  • Timing belt conveyor Timing belt conveyor
Modular conveying technology components

Modular conveying technology components

Transported goods differ in terms of their size, weight and shape. The item building kit systems offer you unlimited possibilities so you can achieve the best possible outcome for any task and installation scenario. Alongside the item Conveyor Belt System, you can make the most of countless other components such as roller conveyors, slide strips, conveyor rollers and chain conveyors. What’s more, the modular principle that underpins all these products ensures everything can be easily integrated into your working environment.


Material flow with the Lean Production Building Kit System

Transport solutions based on the item Lean Production Building Kit System slot seamlessly into a goods flow that has been optimised with conveying technology. In the case of many transport tasks, this specialised system for building shooters, mobile FIFO racks and tugger trains is also the perfect complement to the Conveyor Belt System. Explore all the options – from mobile frames to mechanical automation based on Karakuri/LCA.


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Material flow with the Lean Production Building Kit System


Expand your expertise – whenever, wherever and however you want! The eLearning modules of the item Academy offer you a clear insight into the world of conveying technology.




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Simply set out the specifications for your desired conveying technology – such as length, width and transport weight – and our experts will design the ideal conveyor line for your needs.

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